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What happened to these African-American tribes who were in the US and North America before Columbus and who existed as independent nations untill 1805 in the 'sold' Louisiana Purchase territories and the 1880's in California?

It is disheartening to find out that African-Americans are being removed from New Orleans for the second time in US history. The first time was when the Washitaw Empire and its monarchy were removed, the Black Washitaw enslaved and sold to Southern Plantations and the monarchy exiled.

This issue was partially settled in 1991 when the Empire Washitaw de Dugdamoundyah were awarded about 60,000 square acres out of the previously 1 million square miles of thier vast empire and territory. Yet, the descendents of this very group of preColumbian Blacks from the Louisiana/Gulf region forced out of their city New Orleans and their homes are loosing their property and lands again.

Unless the people realize that the South and the Washitaw Territory of about one million square miles belonged to their so-called 'slave' ancestors, and that they were illegally enslaved from their own lands and driven off, they will never know their rights.


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Most of the descendents of the ancient Black 'Indian" Negro tribes like those mentioned by I. Rafinesque (Black Nations of America, pub. 1833; American Friends Society). Groups like the Olmec (Manding-Shi) who were the first to start an advanced civilization in Mexico, to build pyramids and religious sites, they were dominant in Mexico from about 3113 B.C., when Emperor Meci (or Ci) arrived from West Africa in eight about 400 AD, when the Maya became dominant in Mexico. The Blacks of Mexico spread to various parts of the Americas. They were in Mexico when the Aztecs arrived from the North and when Aztec Emperor QuaQuapitzuak ruled Mexico about 900 A.D. (See, "A History of the African-Olmecs: Black Civilizations of America from Prehistoric Times to the Present Era," pub. by These other preColumbian Black nations, tribes and empires include; The Wash.itaw Nation who still exist today and once owned about one million square miles of the former 'Louisiana Territories." There are the Jamasse of Georgia, who had a kingdom that included Georgia, South Carolina and Northern Florida as well as Alabama. The Jamassee were Black Africans who were attacked and enslaved. Groups like the Guanini of the Caribbean, Caracoles of the Caribbean, Califunami of the Caribbean, Afro-Darienite of Panama, Nguble of Panama, Chuarras of Brazil, Choco of Columbia, and many others. The Black Californians of California were an important ethnic indigenous group who had their own lands in California up to the 1880's. Today, most are blended into the African-American population of Calirfornia, WHICH MAKES AFRICAN-AMERICANS IN CALIFORNIA INDIGENOUS TO CALIFORNIA AND THEREFORE OWNERS OF LANDS IN CALIFORNIA - Most of these groups still exist today and are fighting to regain their lands. See pictures of some of these ancient Blacks of the Americas who lived in the Americas before Columbus: TEXT California was once the home of a large Black population from prehistory up untill the 1800's. In fact California was named for the Black amazon queen, Calafia, whose picture is painted in a hotel lobby in San Francisco, and whose likeness has been changed and is represennted by a Greek women on the SEAL OF THE STATE OF CALLIFORNIA. Eventually, Blacks in California will have to take measures to revive and rebuild, increase and make strong the Black population of California. That is done by rejecting all schemes to abort or destroy Black babies, staying married and having lots of Black children. These children will be taken care of when money is not wasted on new cars, jewelry, eating out and other schemes that waste our money.

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Truly GREAT FACTS! Contact me and we will translate this info into EspaƱol for the benefit of present day Olmecs! amani

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Great information here..Please stay in contact with me.So l can learn more!And Thanks.

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